My nutrition goals are pretty simple.  I try not to consume more than about 2000 calories a day.  This along with my fitness goals make for a good combination to be healthy.  Right now I am trying to lose weight, so 2000 is where I need to be, but once the weight is off, I will focus on a maintance plan that keeps my weight static.

Before the first of the year, I was really bad about the food choices I made.  I would eat junk, junk, junk.  Everything from candy, cakes, fried foods, you name it, I was eating it.

So, the first of the year, I vowed not to eat any candy or straight sweets.  So far so good.

My next step was to eliminate soft drinks.  This one actually came from my 10 year old daughter.  I ordered water one day when she ordered a soft drink and she wanted to know why I did that.  I said those type of drinks are not healthy and I am trying to be “good”.  So, like most 10 year olds, she said, “Then why do you dring them?”.  I started of by saying it was hard to give them up when she and Mommy would order them and I wanted one too.  She paused a minute and said would it help if she gave them up?  I said it would make it a lot easier.  Neither one of us have had one since.  Mommy really doesn’t drink them anyway except to settle her stomach with a gingerale.

My next step has been to cut out artifical sweetners.  This was difficult since I am a diabetic.  I could not simply replace artificial sweetners with sugar.  Plus, that would be hard to do with 2000 calories as my goal.  My biggest challenge has been my morning and evening coffee.  I basically have given up coffee (huge sacrafice for me).  I have replaced it with hot green tea.  I like it pretty well, but it is just not the same.  Unless my taste buds change a lot over the next several months, I could see me going back to coffee once I get to my weight goal.  🙂