Motorhome Winterization Nightmare 2018

In the last month an a half, so many things have gone wrong with the motorhome I can barely keep up with it all.  If you have ever watch RV with Robin Williams and liked it, you will enjoy this adventure.  I think we wrote the squeal.

First, I was an idiot and did not winterize my RV like I was supposed to and caused damage to several things.  I had to replace the water Pump, fitting behind the master bath toilet, master bath faucet, master bath shower valve, 2nd bath faucet, and the hot water heater.

I was able to replace the water pump and fix the fitting behind the toilet, but took it to Buddy Gregg for the rest, what a mistake that was.  They replaced the master bath faucet, 2nd bath faucet, and the hot water heater.   They said it was fully tested and ready to go.  I picked it up on a Thursday, leaving Friday for a Sand Volleyball Tournament and camping for the weekend with friends.  Get there, hook up to water and the shower is pouring water.  There is no way they tested the water system, the stem in the shower had frozen and they didn’t replace it at all.  Couldn’t do anything with it for the weekend, so we had to use campground facilities.

Once home, I replaced the step and the system checked out great (as for no more leaks).  At this point, I have no leaks, but can’t get any water to come out of the hot water.  Cold water seems to work fine, but nothing from hot.  Ended up letting another shop fix it and they had to completely remove the water heater and fix the installation work.  Everything is up and running now, but had to pay to have it done twice.

When I contacted Buddy Gregg and told them of my issues, they said they tested it and everything worked fine, “must be a new issue”.  Really?  If you want to throw your money away, take your RV to Buddy Gregg.  This isn’t the first time I have had issues with them.  You would have thought I would learn my lesson the first couple of times I took it there.

Enough about the winterization repairs.  Watch for my next post regarding other adventures with the motorhome!