Health and Fitness Update

So, here I am. Thinking about health an fitness and trying to make it a priority in my life again. As of 12/4/2017, I started eating right and starting to exercise ever so slightly. I have a history of trying to change everything all at once and getting burned out, so I decided to focus on my eating habits first. I have been following a guy named Drew, know for his fit2fat2fit. He is a personal trainer, that was struggling to understand why his clients weren’t dedicating themselves to him, decided to go on a year long journey that would consist of gaining 75 pounds and then losing it. Giving him new perspective on what it’s like to be fat and try and lose weight.

Lately, since 12/4, I have been on a new eating plan called Ketogenic. Basically, it is a very strick diet that focuses on burning fat, not sugar. Very low carb, high fat, and moderate protein. I am down about 15 pounds in two weeks. We will see where this leads me.

Here is my weight loss tracker: